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The website is packed about 100 pages of free information on social media legal issues. This can be pretty overwhelming so, to make things easier, it’s designed to be navigated based on your type of social media use.

Click on the 
Social Media User Type page and select the way you use social media. There are links under individual, family, group, and business. Each category is further broken down into more specific types within that category. For example, a social media user associated with a business will have different needs and concerns depending whether they are an employee, manager, owner or part of a corporation.

Most people will fall under several different categories at different times. Select the category that best suits your particular question. Keep in mind that the answers may change depending on the category because each is framed from a different perspective.

When you click on a link, you are taken to a user guide for that particular type of social media user. Each user guide contains some of the 
Social Media Dangers  faced, Social Media Laws that may apply, and possible Options for certain situations. ​This website also contains pages with more in-depth information on specific subjects. They are cross-linked to different types of social media users as they apply. See the links below to navigate the Social Media Legal Information section of