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inappropriate activity on social media

The casual nature of social media and the instant spread of information across the Internet are a dangerous combination. It is common for social media users to share random thoughts and intimate details without thinking about potential consequences. What might be acceptable for one audience may be completely inappropriate for another, and both audiences may be within your social media circle. Inappropriate social media activity can cost you your job, relationships, and opportunities to go to college or join an organization. Here are a few of the many examples:

  • Daycare worker fired after inappropriately posting pictures on Instagram of children she was supposed to be caring for. She thought it was funny to mock their learning disabilities. ​​​
  • ​Student teacher fired for urging her students to visit her MySpace page where she criticized her supervisor and displayed a "drunken pirate" photograph. She sued claiming a First Amendment violation but lost.  

  • ​​New England Patriot cheerleader fired after posting a picture on Facebook of her next to a passed out man with swastika markings. She claimed she didn't draw them or know they were there, but that didn't matter.

It is important to note that some social media speech, in certain situations, is protected by law and retaliation for this protected speech is a violation of law. See the Free Speech page of this website and the links below. If you plan to take action against someone for social media activity you believe to be inappropriate, consider the legal consequences carefully. Likewise, if you are accused of inappropriate social media activity, determine whether you were within your rights to engage in the activity and whether the accuser has the legal authority to take action against you. When dealing with legal issues, always consult a qualified licensed attorney before taking action.

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