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  • Business telephone advice session 
  • Review demand letter for payment 
  • Review promissory note, consulting agreement, contractor agreement, demand letter for breach of contract, bill of sale, or sales contract
  • Review partnership agreement, vendor agreement, or business contract 
  • Review operating agreement 
  • Review asset purchase agreement 
  • Create promissory note
  • Create business demand letter 
  • Create partnership agreement, business contract, bill of sale, or sales contract 
  • Create operating agreement or asset purchase agreement 
  • Start a single-member LLC 
  • Form an S Corp or C Corp 


  • Employment and labor telephone advice session 
  • Review consulting agreement, contractor agreement, non-disclosure agreement, confidentiality agreement, employment offer, termination notice, or resignation letter 
  • Review employment contract, or non-compete agreement 
  • Create employment offer or termination letter 
  • Create resignation letter 
  • Create non-compete agreement or employee confidentiality agreement 
  • Create employment contract or non-disclosure agreement 


  • DTPA demand letter 
  • Initial negotiations resulting in disposition without civil action 

In conjunction with our extensive social media legal services, we also offer related business and consumer legal services. Most commerce these days has a social media component, so it makes sense to combine these features.

Most business and consumer services we offer are at reasonable fixed prices. If you have questions or are interested in our legal services, please contact us.

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